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Free Shipping on orders over $50

Foxfire Strobe Warning Lite, Amber

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The Foxfire Amber Strobe Warning Light is packed with 36 powerful LED's and 7 different flash patterns. This product is designed to be mounted on top of a vehicle with the attached 2x45lb magnets.

Model: SWL-A

Part #: 6005400

UPC: 036005002367

Power: Car Auxiliary Adapter

  • 36 Bright LED's with built-in magnifying lens
  • Easy On/Off - Push button switch to change flash paterns and On/Off
  • Multiple Light Patterns - 7 light patterns to choose from with recall function
  • Easy to mount with 2x45lb pull magnets
  • Plug and Play - 10' heavy duty straight cord with car auxiliary adapter

Applications: Construction Vehicles, Postal Service Vehicles, Security Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Tow Trucks, Snow Plows, Mark Pedestrian Walkways, Skid Steers, Forklifts, Tractors, Plow Rights, Bucket Trucks, ATV's