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About FoxFire

Established in 1997, Foxfires mission is to improve the visibility and awareness of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the jobsite. Seeing pedestrians on the jobsite is critical. Foxfire Personal Safety Lites illuminate workers to vehicle traffic and crane operators so they can be more aware of their presence on the job and avoid potential [ read more ]


We purchased the lighted safety band as an employee giveaway. We keep our employees safe at work and we want them to carry that philosophy home. Most of the bands were used to keep their children safe on halloween night. They were a hit! Thanks

Gary V.

I have always been impressed with the products you sell and your customer service is excellent. Thanks for all your support through the years.

Candie K.

We purchase the arrow banner to help direct constriction traffic in our work zones. They are extremely helpful and bright! Thanks for the visibility.

Paul T.