F263-R Foxfire Signal Lite

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Foxfire F263 Signal Lite brings hi-powered emergency lighting to any situation. Deliver greater visibility and awareness to small vehicles that are typically not well lit. Forklifts, Bobcats, Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Postal Service Trucks, Farm Equipment and Golf Carts are just a few of the vehicles that can greatly benefit from Foxfire Signal Lites. Bring awareness to areas in manufacturing plants and warehouses that need attention.

  • 26 Super Bright LEDs - Visible For Over 1 Mile
  • Multiple Light Patterns - Fast Flash, Wig/Wag, Constant On
  • Patented Lens Design - LED Magnifiers and 360 Degree Illumination
  • Battery Operated - Easy Battery Access, Requires 4xAA
  • Weather Resistant - Rugged and Durable
  • Extremely Versatile - Attach to Safety Cones, Mount To Metal and More
  • Magnetic Backing - For Static Applications
  • Add the Foxfire AMB-FF Adjustable Magnetic Base to Adjust Lite to Any Angle Within a 90 Degree Range
  • Add the Foxfire MAG25 or MAG90lb Magnets When Vibration and Movement Are a Factor.
  • Add the Foxfire SCB2 Safety Cone Bracket to Attach Lite to Most Safety Cones

Applications: Utility Vehicles, Traffic Control, Disaster Scenes, Oversized Loads, Warehouse Safety, Work Zone Safety, Farm Equipment, Crane & Boom Operators, First Responder Vehicles, Replace Road Flares, Manufacturing Plants