Mark your extended load quickly and easily!

Various Federal, State, and Local Laws require an amber or red light to be attached to the back of the longest log. That's why Foxfire created the Logger Lite. Transporting after dark can make your overhang load amost invisible to approaching traffic. This kit is designed to provide log truckers and utility companies a convenient way to mark the end of their log and pole loads.

Easy Installation - No Tools Required

Foxfire Logger Lite Kits offer an excellent replacement for long load marker flags in low light conditions. Specifically designed as an effective, easy to use solution for Log Truckers to illuminate the end of their load.

26 Bright LED’s visible for over 1 Mile

3 Operation Modes:

Steady On, Constant Flash, Wig-Wag Flash

Each FLLK Logger Light Kit Includes:

1x F263 Foxfire Signal Lite

1x MMP2 Metal Mounting Plate

1x T-Handle

1x Heavy Duty Carry Case

Complimentary Products

Logging in dense forests can be a hazardous task, which is why it's essential to have proper safety lighting when working in low light conditions. Shop our complimentary lighting solutions such as the 3-in-1 Traffic Warning Arrow and or personal safety LED lights which help guide logging trucks and equipment operators onto safer paths.