Ensuring a safe work environment for employees requires rules, procedures and protocols to avoid unnecessary accidents. Employers can plan ahead, provide training and enforce good work practices on a jobsite, knowing that safety is a two-way street.  

At Foxfire, we believe that seeing personnel on the jobsite is critical. Small crafts such as bobcats, scissor lifts, skid steers, forklifts, and golf carts are becoming more prevalent in the workplace today. Often these vehicles are not well lit and can be difficult to see and recognize in busy or low light conditions.  

Foxfire created job-site safety products to use as supplemental battery-operated lighting.  

The F263 series of lights brings greater visibility to Forklifts, Farm Equipment, Skid Steers, Scissor Lifts, Postal Service Trucks, Golf Carts and Bobcats. Bring awareness to areas in manufacturing plants and warehouses that need quick attention.

The FAB Flashing Arrow Banner helps protect yourself and those around you to help direct traffic away from constructions sites, emergency situations or any other scenario where safety is a priority. 

The EHHL Hard Hat Lite Series can alert machine operators and oncoming traffic to your presence in a work zone.  

Traffic Safety Batons help ensure the safety of staff on-site, pedestrians and air traffic control.  

Strap this highly reflective armband embedded with flashing LEDs to your arm for maximum visibility in low light situations.

The PSL56 Series of Personal Safety Lites allow others to see personnel on the job site and alert oncoming traffic to your presence.  

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