Ensure a safe work environment

Ensuring a safe work environment for employees requires certain safety protocols to avoid unnecessary accidents. Employers can plan ahead, provide training and enforce good work practices on a jobsite, knowing that safety is a two-way street.  

At Foxfire, we believe that seeing personnel on the jobsite is critical. When illuminated with a Foxfire Safety Light, you can alert machine operators and oncoming traffic to your presence. This type of lighting is imperative to keep your employees safe and free from uncessary accidents.

Foxfire created job-site safety products to use as supplemental battery-operated lighting.  

Be sure that others on the road or construction site can see you with the PSL56 series of personal safety lights. They are lightweight and easy to attach using one of the many brackets included. Seen up to 1/2 a mile, this is a must have in low light environments.

Strap this highly reflective armband embedded with flashing LEDs to your arm for maximum visibility in low light situations. Ideal for outdoor workers, emergency personnel and runners. Use the grommet to hang the safety band in a rigid flattened state.

The EHHL Hard Hat Lite Series can alert machine operators and oncoming traffic to your presence in a work zone. This light causes no strain or imbalance to the hard hat and can be mounted on any side. It features three flash patterns and is visible for over 1/2 a mile

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