At Foxfire, we know that every jobsite requires your full attention. That's why we manufacaturer the best in LED Construction Personal Safety, Vehicle Lights and Directional Warning Lights that keep your workers safe when performing jobs on road work or in construction zones.

The F263 brings hi-powered emergency lighting to any situation. Deliver greater visibility and awarenesss to small vehicles that are typically not well lit. Forklifts, Bobcats, Scissor Lifts, Skid Steers, Trucks and Farm Equipment are just a few of the vehicles that can greatly benefit from these lights.

Designed for construction and traffic direction applications, the Foxfire Traffic Warning Arrow comes with 3 strong magnets for easy attachment and a metal bracket for safety cone fastening. It features 4 flash patterns and 64 bright LED's that are visible for over 3/4 a mile. USB rechargeable cord included. Folds down for easy storage or to use as a traffic baton.

Protect yourself and those around you with this simple to use Flashing Arrow Banner. With 36 super bright LEDs you can direct traffic away from construction sites, emergency situations, or any other scenario where safety is a priority. Banner is 32" x 18" and includes multiple hanging options.

The Foxfire Amber Strobe Warning Light is packed with 36 powerful LED's and 7 different flash patterns. This product is designed to be mounted on top of a vehicle with the attached 2x45lb magnets.

Fluorescent Triangles Can Be Used Day or Night! Instantly tell motorists to be alert for a roadside emergency. This product meets U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125 for warning devices. The weighted base assures the triangle remains stable on the road.

This simple device allows you to attach any Foxfire Lite to almost any safety cone. No tools required - takes two seconds to attach. It features a front or top placement on the safety cone.

Be sure that others on the road or construction site can see you with the PSL56 series of personal safety lights. They are lightweight and easy to attach using one of the many brackets included. Seen up to 1/2 a mile, this is a must have in low light environments.

Strap this highly reflective armband embedded with flashing LEDs to your arm for maximum visibility in low light situations. Ideal for outdoor workers, emergency personnel and runners. Use the grommet to hang the safety band in a rigid flattened state.

The EHHL Hard Hat Lite Series can alert machine operators and oncoming traffic to your presence in a work zone. This light causes no strain or imbalance to the hard hat and can be mounted on any side. It features three flash patterns and is visible for over 1/2 a mile

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