Foxfire SL Series Signal Lite

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Foxfire's original lite, the Portable Signal Lite, is perfect for a multitude of emergency or cautionary signal applications. The SL series features a "fast flash" or "constant on" lite pattern. Equipped with a magnetic backing (for static use) and self-supporting stand.

Model: SL182-A

Part #: 6004180

UPC: 036005641801

Requires 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

  • 18 Super Bright Lights - Visible for Over 1 Mile.
  • 2 Light Patterns - Steady On and Constant Flash
  • Versatile - Vinyl Magnetic Backing and Built-in Self Supporting Stand
  • Battery Operated - Easy Battery Access. Requires 2xAA Batteries
  • Weather Resistant - Rugged and Durable
  • Extremely Versatile - Mount to Metal or Vehicles
    • Add the Foxfire AMB Adjustable Magnetic Base to Adjust Lite to Any Angle Within a 90 Degree Range
    • Add the Foxfire MAG25 or MAG90lb Magnets When Vibration and Movement Are a Factor.

    Applications: Utility Work, Factory Signals, Emergency Response, Plant Maintenance, Agricultural Functions, Disabled or Distressed Vehicles.